Aviso: la canción es pegadiza, sobre todo la parte del Mago rojo.

Aquí la letra de la balada:

So here we are, three mages on a quest,

Of course there’s a fourth but as you might have guessed

he doesn’t understand what it is to be a mage,

but we’re gonna tell you now, gonna open that cage,

gonna let you in, gonna turn the page

in the book that is the story of our lives, the glory of a Fantasy, a Final Fantasy,

and if you wanna hear about it I’m the man to see

I am the red mage, I can do it all, Both kinds of magic and swordplay too,y’all!

So many skills that it takes to be a hero

A jack of all trades but the master of zero

What am I great at? Nothin’ I’m told, ya see I always get the bronze but never the gold

Well some day soon I hope to be best,

Just for a moment better than the rest!

Oh ho… my life is a tragic paradox, I said Oh ho…

I feel like a circle in a squarer box

Why am I afraid to choose a scepter or a blade?

I could focus on one, and son, I’d have it made

Until that day I’m just a man on a quest, but mark my words I’m gonna be the best!

Hey there, it’s me. The team’s only lady

I throw like a girl and I punch like a baby

so the guys in the party tend to take me for granted

This enchanted maid is a shade disenchanted…

“I am your equal,” What a silly notion!

It’s not about size, it’s the motion in my potion

I don’t ask much, just someone to say,

“Hey White Mage, good job today”

Maybe I don’t have the strength to wield

An elven sword or a mythril shield

But my heart is strong, and my wand is too

So try to keep in mind,

that without me you’d be so screwed

I’m the black mage, but I betcha knew that

Yellow eyes, my disguise, do you like my pointy hat?

I’m a master of the elements, but all that is irrelevant

I step into a room and I’m invariably the elephant

Not just a pyro, I’m also pretty smart

And the fire in my hands comes directly from my heart

When push comes to shove, I want friends, I want love I want a bride-to-be, family, all of the above

And I’ll be damned if I fail, ’cause wouldn’t that be tragic

If I let you judge me by the color of my magic?

And even if you’re prejudiced and wanna make a mess of this

You’re gonna be incredulous I’ll show you what a legend is!

I’m just a lowly black mage

Relegated to the backstage

There’s so much I wish you knew

So that maybe you’d see I’m just like you

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